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About The Company

The Diabetes Consulting Group, founded by Dara Mayers, is a marketing consultancy specializing in diabetes mellitus. We are communications strategists with a laser focus on the diabetes community. We are experts in health and wellness, and far, far beyond. We know what diabetics want when it comes to food, exercise, education and inspiration. What they need from medication, doctors and nurses. We understand medical practice challenges and management needs. The Diabetes Consulting Group delivers deep, actionable insights into the hearts and minds of people with diabetes—and the healthcare professionals who treat them. We help businesses build the best products and communications platforms to reach this diverse and dynamic community.

Dara, The Founder

About Dara Mayers

Dara graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard with a degree in English and American literature. For the past 6 years, Dara has served as a consumer insights expert for diabetes (and other) brands in both DTC and DTP capacities. Dara has wide and deep experience in uncovering the answer to the eternal question marketers face: why? Why do consumers think, act and feel the way that they do? Why do doctors prescribe this drug over that one? How can brands motivate behavioral change? How can companies engage with consumers in the most exciting and profitable and memorable ways? An excellent writer and communicator, Dara easily translates complex topics into simple, direct and jargon free language.

In her past, Dara wrote widely for the national and niche press on type 1 and type 2. Her work has been published in Diabetes Health, Diabetes Interview, US News and World Report, The New York Times, The Ford Foundation Report and Glamour, among many other publications. She wrote “Diabetics: Attitudes and Behaviors” published by the Mintel Market Research Group in 2007.

Dara has expertise in both the qualitative and the quantitative sides of insight mining. In working with agencies and companies seeking to reach people with diabetes, Dara saw that this particular consumer group required a closer analysis than the standard focus group or panel could offer, and that her unique experiences and understanding enabled her to deliver much deeper learnings. Dara founded the Diabetes Consulting Group to fill this need.

Dara is intimate with the diabetes consumer from a personal and a professional perspective. She’s had type 1 diabetes for two decades, and her mother has had it for more than five. She brings sophistication, curiosity and zest to her work, and is committed to ever further exploring the needs and drives of diabetes consumers, and how brands can reach and serve them.