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Our Team

Beth On Our Team Beth Beck A respected healthcare marketing leader, Beth has almost 20 years of agency experience across various business sectors and disciplines leading successful brand launches and integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns that drive sales and build brand equity. Beth’s unique combination of strategic acumen, business-building insight, and sales and marketing expertise means results for every brand she touches. With extensive pharma experience on both the client and agency side, Beth’s profound knowledge helps clients navigate the most critical challenges of today’s market space. Beth looks to arm clients with strategic thinking by assessing customer segments and uncovering insights that address key business challenges. Her goal is to uncover unexpected opportunities. Beth has extensive experience across a broad range of categories, including dermatology , neurology (ADHD, MS, fibromyalgia, depression & bipolar, sleep), respiratory, vaccines, women’s reproductive health, and endocrinology (growth hormones and diabetes). Beth has wide and deep experience across a wide variety of diabetes products and programs. She’s worked on orals, inhaled as well as injectable insulin, and patient support programs for Type 1s and Type 2s. She has worked with many of the key companies and third party associations in diabetes over the course of her 20 year career, but uncovering insights and developing programs for people with diabetes took on a whole new light three years ago, when her 11-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1. Learning to actually live with the disease has fueled her passion for working in the category. Beth received a BS in Biology and a double minor in Spanish and Health and Human Services from the University of Scranton and has completed several executive education programs through Harvard Business School as well as Columbia University.

Scotty On Our Team Scotty King is a groundbreaking leader in the diabetes community. For almost 30 years he has dedicated himself to educating people with diabetes about the newest technologies and treatment paradigms, and has served as a trusted conduit between people with diabetes and the companies that serve them. Just a brief outline of his history: in 1990 (when personal meters were just in consumers’ hands) King opened Sugar Happy — a store and mail order shop for diabetes medical supplies and sugar-free foods. Through Sugar Happy, King sold meters, and trained people how to use them. He educated thousands about the value of tight blood sugar control, before this became mainstream medical practice. King then became an insulin pump sales representative for Medtronic, going into hospitals to teach doctors, nurses and patients about the emerging technology. Simultaneously, King started the popular San Francisco talk-radio show, Diabetes on the Dial, and hosted weekly live call-in shows, which featured doctors and other experts discussing the latest advances in diabetes care. From there, he moved on to founding Diabetes Health Magazine, where he served as publisher and editor-in-chief for 17 years. The magazine was unusual in its appeal to both people with diabetes, and to the medical community. At its peak, Diabetes Health had 150,000 paid subscribers, and was a finalist in the 2004 Maggie publishing awards. An engaging and empathic speaker, King has addressed healthcare audiences, Kaiser Permanente Hospital staff, and patient advocacy groups. His work has been covered in The Wall Street Journal, Parade Magazine, and U.S. News & World Report. King recently became a Certified Transformational Life Coach. He is passionate about helping others find their “Aha” moment, and supporting human excellence, for people with diabetes and beyond.

Katy On Our Team Katherine Persky is an energetic leader and skilled communicator with exceptional strategic planning and analytical abilities. She has a proven track record in developing insight-driven marketing solutions that drive business growth for diabetes brands and beyond. As the consumer communications planning director for sanofi’s Lantus insulin, she was responsible for understanding PWD mentally, physically, and emotionally from diagnosis through insulinization, and for developing engagement strategies at pivotal times throughout the patient journey. She was a key player in the development of branded and unbranded communication streams (advertising and CRM) to overcome resistance/enhance receptivity toward insulin among oral users. Finally, she played a pivotal role in developing communications platforms that drove conversion from vial/syringe to the SoloSTAR pen. Prior to her work on Lantus, Persky spent three years working on Novartis OTC businesses, where she was responsible for understanding the consumer mindset, usage and attitudes, identifying key insights and opportunity areas, and setting strategic direction for brands including Benefiber, Nicotinell, Keri, Maalox, and Gas-X. In her more than 30-year career in advertising and marketing, she has also managed and developed quantitative and qualitative research projects for a wide array of CPG brands, including Revlon, Folgers, Pampers, Coca-Cola, Aerosoles and others. She has a BA from Princeton, and is passionate about uncovering actionable consumer insights and translating them into powerful communications platforms.