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Type One- The Diabetes Consulting Group is deeply familiar with the intimate particularities of the insulin dependent lifestyle. We know what it’s like to live with type 1 for one year—or fifty. We understand the promise and challenge of each kind of insulin and each brand of pump. The reasons why some still hang on to MDI. How living with the threat of low blood sugar impacts personal and professional lives. How parents and children adapt and cope with diagnosis. The challenges of parenting through the various stages. The specific challenges of different life stages, with a particular emphasis on teen years, the transition to college, and pregnancy. We know the ins and outs of endocrinologist practices, the challenges CDEs face, how nutritionists try, and often fail, to reach this audience. We speak the complex language of type 1 diabetes, and can translate it into simple, jargon free English for you.

Type Two- The Diabetes Consulting Group understands that type 2 diabetes is a condition that requires far more than adherence to medication. We know that when a person is diagnosed with type 2 they need more than a pill and a diet. They need support and education to make—and maintain—major emotional and behavioral changes. As this condition becomes ever more prevalent, government and the health care industry will be taxed with finding effective and efficient methods for promoting self-management. We understand the challenges that type 2s face and have an eye towards steps companies can take now to develop products, services and communications that give them tools for managing their condition. We are experts in polypharmacy, behavioral change, and the emotional levers that speak to people trying, and too often failing, to control type 2 diabetes.